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Europe seeks to limit use of AI in society

The use of facial recognition for surveillance, or algorithms that manipulate human behaviour, will be banned under proposed EU regulations on artificial intelligence.


Hoe geautomatiseerd is de besluitvorming van Uber?

Vorige week verschenen drie uitspraken tegen Uber bv, waarin chauffeurs inzage in hun persoonsgegevens vroegen alsmede uitleg over de geautomatiseerde besluitvorming die het bedrijf zou toepassen.

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Een gezicht als bewijs voor criminaliteit

In het voorjaar van 2019 staat de 24-jarige Thomas voor de rechter. De verdenking: hij zou bij een geldautomaat vele honderden euro’s hebben opgenomen met een pinpas die niet van hem was. Het bewijs: zijn gezicht.


Who Is Making Sure the A.I. Machines Aren’t Racist?

When Google forced out two well-known artificial intelligence experts, a long-simmering research controversy burst into the open.

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Risk assessment instruments in pretrial decisionmaking

A growing number of jurisdictions across the United States are implementing pretrial risk assessment instruments that use data in an attempt to forecast an individual’s likelihood of appearance at trial and/or risk to public safety.


Weer iemand ontslagen bij ethisch onderzoeksteam Google

Google heeft het hoofd van een ethisch onderzoeksteam bij het bedrijf ontslagen. Onderzoeker Margaret Mitchell maakt dat zelf bekend op Twitter.


Who Should Stop Unethical A.I.?

In computer science, the main outlets for peer-reviewed research are not journals but conferences, where accepted papers are presented in the form of talks or posters. At artificial-intelligence conferences, researchers are increasingly alarmed by what they see.

The companies in control of our secret identities

Your personal data can be collected by companies from many different sources and shaped into a “secret identity”. This is when companies use information about you to assume your personality traits and predict your behaviour, and sell this profile onto others. But who are the companies behind this practice?


Researchers taught AI to detect people’s moral principles

Researchers in Brazil say that they’ve found a way to use AI to gauge your moral principles. In order to achieve their breakthrough the team say they developed and analyzed three models that can describe the morality of individuals based on the language they use. The results were published last month in IEEE Transactions on Affective Computing.


Sales Calls Have Gone Virtual, and AI Is Listening In

The COVID-19 pandemic has converted thousands of salespeople from road warriors to Zoom warriors. Some companies are making the most of this shift by using tools powered by artificial intelligence to track and analyze their salesforce’s virtual pitches.

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When Algorithms Give Real Students Imaginary Grades

In-person final exams were canceled for thousands of students this spring, so computers stepped in — to disastrous effect.

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