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Amazon must face biometric privacy lawsuit over COVID-19 health checks

Amazon.com Inc failed to persuade an Illinois federal judge to toss a lawsuit accusing the company of unlawfully collecting “facial geometry” scans of employees at fulfillment warehouses as part of COVID-19 wellness checks. U.S. District Judge Mary Rowland in Chicago declined to dismiss the proposed class action on Monday, in which a former employee alleged the e-commerce company collected his facial and other data without proper consent under the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA).


Amazon’s palm print recognition raises concern among U.S. senators

Three U.S. senators, including Democrat Amy Klobuchar who chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee’s antitrust panel, wrote a letter to Amazon.com Inc to express concern about its palm print recognition system, Klobuchar’s office said Friday.

Amazon will give you a whole $10 for your palm print

Amazon is offering $10 in credit if you enroll your biometric data in the company’s palm print recognition system, Amazon One. The promotion, spotted by TechCrunch, says people must connect their palm print to their Amazon account to claim the reward, though it’s not clear exactly where it’s available.

Amazon hit with record EU data privacy fine

Amazon.com Inc has been hit with a record $886.6 million (746 million euros) European Union fine for processing personal data in violation of the bloc’s GDPR rules, as privacy regulators take a more aggressive position on enforcement.


Spionagesoftware NSO Group niet meer welkom op clouddiensten van Amazon

Amazon levert geen clouddiensten meer aan het Israëlische bedrijf NSO Group. Dat laat het Amerikaanse techbedrijf aan internationale media weten, nadat bekend werd dat software van NSO Group door verschillende overheden werd ingezet om journalisten, activisten en zakenmensen af te luisteren.


All the Ways Amazon Tracks You—and How to Stop It

Jeff Bezos has a hidden weapon: your data. While Amazon’s retail empire is built on a complex web of infrastructure and murky working practices, its selling success is based on an intricate knowledge of what millions of people buy and browse every day.


Amazon blokkeert Googles nieuwe trackingmethode FLoC

Amazon heeft op een aantal eigen websites, waaronder Amazon.com en WholeFoods.com, besloten om Googles nieuwe trackingmethode FLoC te blokkeren. Wanneer Chrome-gebruikers deze sites bezoeken zal de browser deze informatie niet gebruiken om de gebruiker in een bepaald cohort te plaatsen.

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Digital ad industry accused of huge data breach

The Irish Council for Civil Liberties is suing a branch of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and others over what it describes as “the world’s largest data breach”. The IAB Tech Lab, based in New York, develops digital ad industry standards. IAB members include Facebook, Google and Amazon. The case brought by Johnny Ryan centres on the data shared between ad brokers and other firms while ad space is being auctioned as a site loads. It’s known as real-time bidding.


Amazon wants to eat health care next

The tech giant may be opening its own pharmacies, and Google wants to mine patient data. The goal is not to fix a broken system but to exploit it.


How Amazon Sidewalk Works—and Why You May Want to Turn It Off

After months of testing and delays, Amazon announced last Friday that it would finally launch Amazon Sidewalk on June 8: The new service will keep your Echo, Ring, and other Amazon devices connected to the internet, even if your internet service provider goes out. And as usual, your devices will be automatically enrolled in the program unless you opt out. Here are the potential benefits and the potential privacy issues to consider.

Amazon v the union: The vote the online giant fears

Amazon workers in Alabama have voted in a historic poll to decide whether they want to be represented by the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union. If they say yes, it will become Amazon’s first US union. Amazon argues its wages and benefits are industry-beating and has gone into battle to persuade workers to vote no. Most agree the outcome could have major implications for US labour laws.


Miljoenenboete in Frankrijk voor Amazon en Google

De Amerikaanse techbedrijven Google en Amazon zijn op de vingers getikt door de Franse privacywaakhond CNIL vanwege het overtreden van de regels voor cookiegebruik bij advertenties.


Amazon’s helping police build a surveillance network with Ring doorbells

Its popular Ring smart doorbells mean more cameras on more doorsteps, where surveillance footage used to be rare.

Google and Amazon Are at the Center of a Storm Brewing Over Big Tech

Google and Amazon have thrived as American regulators largely kept their distance. That may be changing. Politicians on the right and left are decrying the tech companies’ enormous power. President Trump and other Republicans have

Klacht tegen kinderspeaker Amazon om dataverzameling

De kinderversie van de slimme Amazon-speaker Echo zou data over kinderen verzamelen zonder toestemming van hun ouders.


Big Tech en de nieuwe trustbusters: game on!

De politieke tegenvoeters Steve Bannon en Elizatbeth Warren zijn tegenpolen maar hebben één ding gemeen. Ze vinden dat grote tech bedrijven als Google, Facebook, Apple en Amazon moeten worden opgebroken.

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