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Spyware vendors target Android with Zero-Day exploits

NSO Group and its powerful Pegasus malware have dominated the debate over commercial spyware vendors who sell their hacking tools to governments, but researchers and tech companies are increasingly sounding the alarm about activity in the wider surveillance-for-hire industry.


Google verhelpt actief aangevallen zerodaylek in Android

Google heeft tijdens de maandelijkse patchronde van Android een actief aangevallen zerodaylek in het besturingssysteem verholpen. In maart werd het probleem al in Pixel-telefoons verholpen. De kwetsbaarheid in kwestie wordt aangeduid als CVE-2021-22600 en bevindt zich in de Androidkernel. Via het beveiligingslek kan een aanvaller die al toegang tot het systeem heeft of een malafide app de rechten verhogen.


How to take advantage of Android 12’s new privacy options

Privacy is probably one of the biggest buzzwords in tech these days, and even the data-loving Google is getting in on the action. The Android 12 update boasts a handful of privacy-related additions you’d be wise to explore. Some of them are under the hood and automatic — such as the new Private Compute Core that’ll allow certain types of sensitive computing to happen in an isolated environment, entirely on your device. But others are more on the surface.

Google Neon letters

Google moves to make Android apps more private

Google’s plan to limit data tracking on its Chrome browser has been extended to cover apps on its Android-based smartphones. Its so-called Privacy Sandbox project aims to curb the amount of user data that advertisers can gather. Rival Apple now forces app developers to ask permission from users before tracking them. The news will be a blow to firms like Meta, which rely on putting their code on apps to track consumer behaviour.


A new DuckDuckGo tool is supposed to prevent apps from tracking Android users

DuckDuckGo’s new tool aims to prevent apps from tracking Android users, first reported by Wired. The tool, called App Tracking Protection, hopes to offer more protection from third-party trackers than Apple’s App Tracking Transparency feature, which gives users the choice to opt-out of data tracking within apps.

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Flubot: Warning over major Android ‘package delivery’ scam

A text-message scam that infects Android phones is spreading across the UK, experts have warned. The message – which pretends to be from a package delivery firm, prompts users to install a tracking app – but is actually a malicious piece of spyware.


How do app vendors respond to subject access requests?

A longitudinal privacy study on iOS and Android Apps


Privacywaakhond: populaire Android-apps als Spotify en Skyscanner delen ongevraagd persoonlijke data met Facebook

Bijna tweederde van de populaire apps voor Android sturen ongemerkt gebruikersdata naar Facebook, ongeacht of iemand geregistreerd is bij het sociale netwerk.

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