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The FTC is pushing for changes to how Big Tech handles data

The Federal Trade Commission has issued a new notice calling for input into how tech companies handle consumer data, a crucial first step in setting binding rules for the industry. Formally known as an Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (ANPR), the filing calls for public comment on data collection, algorithmic discrimination, and commercial surveillance.


Antispieksoftware herkent zwarte VU-studente niet, daarom dient ze klacht in

Een zwarte studente van de Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU) dient een klacht in bij het College voor de Rechten van de Mens (pdf). Wanneer ze de verplichte antispieksoftware voor tentamens moest inschakelen, herkende het systeem haar alleen als ze met een lamp in haar gezicht scheen. De VU had volgens haar vooraf moeten controleren of studenten met een zwarte huidskleur even goed herkend zouden worden als witte studenten.

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Biometric identity systems in law enforcement and the politics of (voice) recognition: The case of SiiP

This paper examines the case of the recent Speaker Identification Integrated Project, a European wide initiative to create the first international and interoperable database of voice biometrics, now the third largest biometric database at Interpol. Drawing on Freedom of Information requests, interviews and public documentation, we outline the emergence and features of SiiP and explore how voice is recognised and attributed meaning.

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Baltimore spy plane program was invasion of citizens’ privacy, court rules

The city of Baltimore’s spy plane program was unconstitutional, violating the Fourth Amendment protection against illegal search, and law enforcement in the city cannot use any of the data it gathered, a court ruled Thursday. The Aerial Investigation Research (or AIR) program, which used airplanes and high-resolution cameras to record what was happening in a 32-square-mile part of the city, was canceled by the city in February.


Who Is Making Sure the A.I. Machines Aren’t Racist?

When Google forced out two well-known artificial intelligence experts, a long-simmering research controversy burst into the open.

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Risk assessment instruments in pretrial decisionmaking

A growing number of jurisdictions across the United States are implementing pretrial risk assessment instruments that use data in an attempt to forecast an individual’s likelihood of appearance at trial and/or risk to public safety.


Digital Rights Landscape Country Reports Published

The African Digital Rights Network has produced the first comparative analysis of how digital technologies are being used to both open and close online civic space across ten African countries. The report identifies 65 examples of citizens opening democractic spaces online and 115 examples of governments closing online civic space.

Microsoft won’t sell police its facial-recognition technology

Microsoft has joined the list of tech giants that have decided to limit the use of its facial-recognition systems, announcing that it will not sell the controversial technology to police departments until there is a federal law regulating it.


Amazon Halts Police Use Of Its Facial Recognition Technology

Amazon announced on Wednesday a one-year moratorium on police use of its facial-recognition technology, yielding to pressure from police-reform advocates and civil rights groups.

IBM exits facial recognition business

IBM disclosed Monday it will no longer offer facial recognition or analysis software in a letter to Congress calling for new efforts to pursue justice and racial equity, new Chief Executive Officer Arvind Krishna said. The company will stop offering facial recognition software and opposes any use of such technology for purposes of mass surveillance and racial profiling.

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