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‘Orwellian’ facial recognition cameras in UK stores challenged by rights group

Big Brother Watch said Southern Co-operative’s use of biometric scans in 35 stores across Portsmouth, Bournemouth, Bristol, Brighton and Hove, Chichester, Southampton, and London was “Orwellian in the extreme” and urged Britain’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) to investigate whether it breaches data protection legislation.


Facial recognition systems: 20 million fine against the Amercian company Clearview.

“Not everything that is technically possible is legally and ethically lawful.” These are the words of Guido Scorza, member of the Italian Data Protection Authority, to describe the €20 million fine imposed last February by the Italian DPA on the US company Clearview AI Inc. for its facial recognition service.


Artificial intelligence helps Instagram to verify your age with your face

How old are you? Well, this question never leaves your side no matter how old you get. You feel happy to answer it till the age you don’t really want people to know and if you are under age then social media platforms get replaced by people. But this time Instagram has something different planned for everyone.


Australian retailer pauses facial recognition trial over privacy complaint

Australia’s second-biggest appliances chain said on Tuesday it was pausing a trial of facial recognition technology in stores after a consumer group referred it to the privacy regulator for possible enforcement action. Use of the technology by The Good Guys, owned by JB Hi-Fi Ltd , and two other retail chains was “unreasonably intrusive” and potentially in breach of privacy laws, the consumer group CHOICE told the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) in a complaint published on Monday.


Facial recognition is out of control in India

In May 2021, during India’s second wave of COVID-19, SQ Masood and his father-in-law were returning home on his silver-coloured motor scooter in Hyderabad, in the Indian state of Telangana. While driving through the busy lanes of Shahran, a Muslim-dominated neighborhood, they were pulled over by two police officers.

robot dog

Surveillance tech didn’t stop the Uvalde massacre

On Tuesday, a horrific but familiar story unfolded: a disturbed 18-year-old had traveled to Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, where he used a legally purchased assault rifle to murder 21 people: 19 children and two teachers. Before the dust had settled over the Texas border town, the conversation turned to the prevention of future shootings. Schools across Texas quickly promised increased security and new protective measures.


Clearview AI agrees to permanent ban on selling facial recognition to private companies

Facial recognition surveillance company Clearview AI has agreed to permanently ban most private companies from using its service under a court settlement. The agreement, filed in Illinois court today, would settle a 2020 American Civil Liberties Union lawsuit that alleged the company had built its business on facial recognition data taken without user consent.


Europe Is Building a Huge International Facial Recognition System

For the past 15 years, police forces searching for criminals in Europe have been able to share fingerprints, DNA data, and details of vehicle owners with each other. If officials in France suspect someone they are looking for is in Spain, they can ask Spanish authorities to check fingerprints against their database. Now European lawmakers are set to include millions of photos of people’s faces in this system—and allow facial recognition to be used on an unprecedented scale.


Oekraïne zet gezichtsherkenning in om Russen en lichamen te identificeren

Het Oekraïense ministerie van Defensie is afgelopen weekend begonnen met de inzet van gezichtsherkenning van Clearview AI, schrijft Reuters. De Amerikaanse start-up had zijn technologie aangeboden om Russische aanvallers te onthullen, desinformatie te bestrijden en lichamen te identificeren.


Texas klaagt Facebook aan om inmiddels gestopt gezichtsherkenningssysteem

De procureur-generaal van de Amerikaanse staat Texas heeft Facebook-moederbedrijf Meta aangeklaagd, schrijft CNN. Volgens de staat heeft Facebook op illegale wijze gezichtsherkenningsdata van tientallen miljoenen Texanen verzameld.

Tech firm offers cops facial recognition to ID homeless people

A tech firm is offering police a capability to identify and pull up information on people experiencing homeless through facial recognition technology, according to a product brochure reviewed by Motherboard. The company markets the product as being a tool to use against “problems” such as “degradation of a city’s culture,” “poor hygiene (use street as a restroom),” and “unchecked predatory behavior.”


Hoe invasief zijn gezichtstransformatie apps? Blijft er nog iets van je privacy over?

Iedereen heeft wel eens een gezichtstransformatie app zoals FaceApp, Oldify of Facetune gebruikt of gespeeld met soortgelijke features in TikTok of Snapchat. Maar hoe veilig is je data bij dit soort apps?


Leaked documents link Huawei to China’s domestic spying in Xinjiang

Huawei was involved in building technology for labor and reeducation camps, as well as surveillance systems in China’s Xinjiang region, according to PowerPoint presentations obtained and translated by The Washington Post. The report shows some of the ways the tech giant’s work may have been involved in the persecution against ethnic minorities in the region.


Clearview AI is closer to getting a US patent for its facial recognition technology

Clearview AI is on track to receive a US patent for its facial recognition technology, according to a report from Politico. The company was reportedly sent a “notice of allowance” by the US Patent and Trademark Office, which means that once it pays the required administration fees, its patent will be officially approved.


Justitie onduidelijk over gebruik van omstreden gezichtsherkenningssoftware

Het nieuws dat Nederlandse politiemedewerkers gebruik zouden hebben gemaakt van omstreden software voor gezichtsherkenning zorgt al anderhalf jaar voor politieke deining. Het lukt demissionair minister Grapperhaus niet om helderheid te scheppen.


Facebook stopt met gezichtsherkenning en wist database met miljard kenmerken

Facebook stopt met het gezichtsherkenningssysteem dat gebruikers automatisch op foto’s identificeert. Dat schrijft Jerome Pesenti, vice-president van de afdeling binnen Facebook die zich met kunstmatige intelligentie bezighoudt. De database met ruim een miljard kenmerken van gezichten wordt gewist.


Clearview AI ordered to delete all facial recognition data belonging to Australians 1 The company breached Australian privacy law

Controversial facial recognition firm Clearview AI has been ordered to destroy all images and facial templates belonging to individuals living in Australia by the country’s national privacy regulator. Clearview, which claims to have scraped 10 billion images of people from social media sites in order to identify them in other photos, sells its technology to law enforcement agencies.

Rayban Facebook Glasses

The next privacy crisis

Imagine a world where you barely notice the barriers between digital and physical space. Instead of looking at a TV or phone, you have a pair of glasses that can project a screen anywhere. You can seamlessly pull up translations for any street sign or instructions for any task. You can amplify a difficult-to-hear conversation through an earpiece or highlight a hard-to-see detail in your surroundings.


Gezichtsherkenning als identificatiemiddel naast de coronacheck voor festivals

Kun je straks op een festival je gezicht laten zien door simpelweg je gezicht te laten zien? Afgelopen zomer kon het al tijdens Limburg Oet de Drup, een benefietfestival in Valkenburg ten bate van de slachtoffers van de overstroming in het gebied. De ongeveer 2.000 bezoekers konden ervoor kiezen om zich door middel van gezichtsherkenning te identificeren, in combinatie met een coronatoegangsbewijs.


Kabinet tegen verbod op gezichtsherkenning in openbare ruimtes

Het kabinet wil de mogelijkheid hebben om gezichtsherkenning in openbare ruimtes te kunnen inzetten, ook al pleiten Europese privacytoezichthouders voor een totaalverbod. Dat laten demissionair ministers Dekker voor Rechtsbescherming en Blok van Economische Zaken in een brief aan de Tweede Kamer weten.


Moscow adds facial recognition payment system to more than 240 metro stations

Moscow launched “Face Pay” on Friday, a facial recognition payment system implemented in more than 240 Mosmetro stations, “the largest use of facial recognition technology in the world,” officials claim (via The Guardian). The service relies on stored photographs to validate metro payments, an obvious privacy concern given the previous uses of facial recognition technology by the Russian capital’s law enforcement.

reclaim your face

Reclaim Your Face

Facial recognition can and will be used against each of us by governments and corporations.Reclaim our public space. Ban biometric mass surveillance and sign the petition!


Legal action over alleged Uber facial verification bias

Two unions are taking legal action against Uber, alleging that software used to verify drivers’ identity is racially biased, and the firm has unfairly dismissed drivers. The unions claim the Microsoft facial verification system used is worse at identifying people with darker skin.


Joe Biden to nominate facial recognition critic to FTC

President Joe Biden is expected to nominate privacy hawk Alvaro Bedoya to the Federal Trade Commission, as first reported by Axios on Monday. Bedoya is a professor at Georgetown University’s law school, focusing on privacy law.

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