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Instagram is making almost all videos Reels and will show them to way more people

Welcome to the new era of Instagram, as it shifts even further into an all-Reels, all-the-time machine to keep users’ short attention spans inside its app instead of TikTok. Is your account public, and did you post a video under 90 seconds? Into the Reels suggestion algorithm it goes, playing to whoever Instagram thinks will find it interesting, and it will be fully available for them to Remix and add their own spin to using the built-in content tools.


Artificial intelligence helps Instagram to verify your age with your face

How old are you? Well, this question never leaves your side no matter how old you get. You feel happy to answer it till the age you don’t really want people to know and if you are under age then social media platforms get replaced by people. But this time Instagram has something different planned for everyone.

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Instagram launches new parental controls in UK

Instagram owner Meta is launching new parental controls across the platform in the UK on 14 June. They include the option of setting daily time limits of between 15 minutes and 2 hours, after which a black screen appears on the app. Parents can also schedule break times and see any accounts their child reports, and why they did so.
In addition, the tech giant is rolling out a parent dashboard on all Quest virtual reality headsets worldwide. Parents can now invite their children to activate the supervision tools – previously these could only be initiated by the young person.


How to limit who can contact you on Instagram

Having DMs inside Instagram provides a convenient way to chat with friends and family, but it also means that just about anyone can get in touch with you. If you don’t want that to happen, there are ways to control it.


Meta bans surveillance-for-hire firms for targeting users

Facebook owner Meta says it has banned seven surveillance companies for targeting users on its platforms. A new report by Meta says about 50,000 users will receive warnings about the “malicious activities”. It accused surveillance firms of actions like creating fake accounts, befriending targets and using hacking methods to harvest information. The company accused the companies of targeting individuals including journalists and human rights activists.


Facebook and Instagram encryption plans delayed by Meta until 2023

Plans to roll out end-to-end encryption on Facebook and Instagram have been delayed amid a row over child safety. Meta – as Facebook’s parent company is now called – said messaging encryption on the apps would now come in 2023. The process means only the sender and receiver can read messages, but law enforcement or Meta cannot.


Facebook: configuratiefout backbonerouters zorgde voor wereldwijde storing

De wereldwijde storing waardoor gisteren Facebook, Instagram en WhatsApp urenlang onbereikbaar waren is veroorzaakt door een configuratiefout in de backbonerouters, zo heeft Facebook in een verklaring laten weten. Deze routers coördineren het netwerkverkeer tussen de datacenters van het techbedrijf.


How Instagram can take its child safety work even further

In May, I wrote that the child safety problem on tech platforms is worse than we knew. A disturbing study from the nonprofit organization Thorn found that the majority of American children were using apps years before they are supposed to be.

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Instagram makes under-16s’ accounts private by default

Instagram has made new under-16s’ accounts private by default so only approved followers can see posts and “like” or comment. Tests showed only one in five opted for a public account when the private setting was the default, it said. And existing account holders would be sent a notification “highlighting the benefits” of switching to private.


Help het algoritme van Instagram te doorgronden

Welke Instagram-posts van politici komen vaker boven aan een timeline en welke krijgen mensen minder vaak te zien? Samen met datajournalistiek platform Pointer van de KRO-NCRV en weekblad De Groene Amsterdammer doet de NOS daar onderzoek naar. Daarbij hebben we jouw hulp nodig.


Ierse privacywaakhond onderzoekt gebruik data van kinderen door Instagram

De Ierse privacywaakhond DPC start twee onderzoeken naar Facebooks gebruik van de data van kinderen op Instagram.


On Instagram, ‘Unlink Account’ Won’t Unlink You From Facebook

Facebook knows so much about its users that it can link their accounts, even when created under different names, from different devices.

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